Catastrophe and Challenge: Cultural Heritage in Post-Conflict Recovery

Catastrophe and Challenge: Cultural Heritage in Post-Conflict Recovery

Catastrophe and Challenge: Cultural Heritage in Post-Conflict Recovery 🗺

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Fourth HCSM Conference
Cottbus, 5–7 December 2016

The destructive effects of war, and particularly the deliberate targeting of cultural sites, constitute an exceptional challenge for Heritage Conservation. The general principles of retaining cultural significance by continuous care and by minimal intervention may seem of little use when one is faced with catastrophic and wide-spread damage to culturally significant places – be they individual monuments, urban structures or archaeological sites.

Post-conflict recovery encompasses a wide range of topics, many of which have not yet been studied in depth. The Conference attempts to take a first step towards sketching the scope and the depth of the problems of Heritage in War as well as providing insights into approaches to cope with these problems.

MONDAY, 05 December 2016
17:00 – 21:00

Opening Ceremony

President BTU, Prof Dr Jörg Steinbach
Acting President Helwan University, Prof Dr Maged Negm

Dr Martina Münch, Minister of Culture and Science
Prof Dr Ahmed Ghoneim, Councellor for Culture at the Egyptian Embassy
Prof Dr Friederike Fless, President of the German Archaeological Institute
Dr Renate Dieterich, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Prof Dr Hosam Refai (Helwan University)
Joint Master HCSM – The First Three Years

Prof Dr Michael Schmidt (BTU)
New Perspectives for the HCSM Programme

Bijan Rouhani (ICOMOS-ICORP)
In Search of Lost Values: Is Post-Trauma Cultural Heritage Reconstruction Possible?



TUESDAY, 06 December 2016

10:00–12:30 (incl. Coffee Break and Discussion)
Section 1: Cases & Experiences

Nigel Walter (Archangel Ltd., Cambridge)
Continuity and the British Experience of Reconstruction after World War Two

Ivana Nina Unkovic (University of Ljubljana)
Post-Conflict Recovery of Diocletian’s Palace in Split (Croatia) and Kostanjevica monastery (Slovenia)

Constanze Röhl, Peter I. Schneider (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)
Coping with Concrete and Contamination. Lessons to be learned from the archaeological investigation of the missile factory building F1 at Peenemünde

Aisha Darwish (University of Rome)
Suq el-Mdineh in Aleppo. Urban values-based reconstruction


Lunch Break

14:00–17:00 (incl. Coffee Break and Discussion)
Section 2: Methods & Tools

Emma Cunliffe (Durham University)
Heritage Destruction: lessons from the Middle East and North Africa region for Post-Conflict Countries

Azadeh Vafadari (Durham University)
A Historic Environment Record for Heritage Condition and Risk Assessment in Post-Conflict Syria

Barbara Caranza, Cristina Muradore (Istituto Veneto Per I Beni Culturali)
Cultural properties as tools for building resilience. The psychological reaction toward catastrophes, the victim and the first aider

Abdullah Halawa (ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre, Sharjah)
Deliberate Targeting of Cultural Assets/Historic Towns – How to React?


WEDNESDAY, 07 December 2016

10:00–12:30 (incl. Coffee Break and Discussion)
Section 3: Processes & People

Johanne Bouchard (IIEDH-Université de Friborg)
Living heritage: cultural rights as tools to apprehend and comprehend cultural heritage from its human perspective

Olukoya Obafemi (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)
World Heritage Sites and War – Criteria for Recovery: A Case of Sukur Cultural Landscape and Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria

Mary Kupelian (Helwan University)
Armenian Cultural Heritage Sites in Syria: A Vision for Post Conflict Recovery and Challenges

Gehane Nabil Zaki (Cairo)
Storytelling as a Tool to Increase Cultural Heritage Awareness in Post-Conflict Countries

Celine Yvon (Geneva)
First Aid to Cultural Heritage affected by conflict and complex emergencies: principles and ethics for an emerging field

Lunch Break

14:00–17:00 (incl. Coffee Break and Discussion)
Section 4: Memory & Identity

Esra Can Akbil, Giorgos Psaltis (Eastern Mediterranean University)
From Conflict to Reconciliation: Heritage Conservation in the Cyprus UN Buffer Zone

Gusev Dmitriy (St Petersburg State University)
Ethics of War Memory: the Crossroads and Conundrums of Valaam Island Heritage

Closing Lecture
John Schofield (The University of York)
The Future of the Past: Archaeological Perspectives on Conflict Heritage and its Cultural Meanings

Thanks, Farewell and Drinks




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