Conference Urban Agricultural Heritage

Conference Urban Agricultural Heritage

Conference Urban Agricultural Heritage 🗓 🗺

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Since the advent of the new Millennium, Urban Agriculture has become an important tool for the sustainable planning of cities, thus helping to combat the growing global challenges of urbanization and declining resources. However, it is often forgotten that Urban Agriculture is not a new field, but one with a long established history and tradition. Despite this, in many parts of the World, valuable agricultural heritage is still being neglected and even destroyed, especially in emerging and developing countries.

This is the starting point for the Herrenhausen Conference Urban Agricultural Heritage. It will deliver the first global survey of projects and initiatives dealing with traditional forms of food production in cities. Experts from science, international organizations and civil society will approach the Conference’s theme from different perspectives to create a better understanding and academic awareness of the agricultural heritage of cities. Based upon this, the Conference will look ahead and elaborate new approaches for management and research in the field of global urban agriculture.




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