Training in Building Documentation and Damage Assessment

Training in Building Documentation and Damage Assessment

Eine Maßnahme im Rahmen des Stunde Null - Projekts

Training in Building Documentation and Damage Assessment


The measures defined within the “Stunde Null – A Future for the Time after the Crisis” project are implemented in Beirut by the German Archaeological Institute in cooperation with the project “Emergency Safeguarding of Syrian Cultural Heritage” headed by the UNESCO Beirut Field Office and the Arab Centre for Architecture. The aim is to provide Syrian experts – within an intensive training programme lasting several weeks –with methodical and practical skills in the fields of building structure documentation and analysis, damage assessment and preservation concepts. Theory-based modules are implemented for the training in technical and methodical bases and in modern methods used for documentation and data processing. Practical modules carried out in small training groups on selected heritage objects in Lebanon make it possible to consolidate the methods learned based on concrete issues.

The participants learn a large range of methods with regard to the technical level of documentation, which enables them to deal with the very different situations in crisis regions and to choose an appropriate combination of processes for the best documentation possible of the monuments. Thanks to the analytical methods learned they will be able, based on the documentations and on the acquired bases of modern heritage preservation, to take appropriate emergency measures and to develop long-term preservation approaches.


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