Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment


The project related to damage assessment builds directly upon the existing important archive data bank of the Syrian Heritage Archive Projects (SHAP), a cooperation project between the Berlin Museum of Islamic Art and the German Archaeological Institute, which made it possible to digitise, since autumn 2013, over 120,000 photographs, plans and maps of Syrian cultural objects funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. Syrian and international academics have now joined forces in order to enlarge the Syrian Heritage Archive Project to include a central module: they input additional essential information about damage to historic buildings into the archive data bank. Assessed damage is systematically registered in a digital room book, evaluated according to EU standards and linked to historic archive data. This linked information is available to future decision-makers and to the public as a basis for planning.

In this way the project implemented as part of the “Stunde Null – A Future for the Time after the Crisis” project creates an updated information basis for knowledge-based decisions as regards the safeguarding, maintenance and reconstruction of historic structures and buildings. The damage assessment project is funded by the Gerda Henkel foundation and it is hosted by the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz).

A network formed by young academics and specialists and by international and German experts forms the basis for the project. As part of the project “Damage Assessment”, training modules are planned in Lebanon that relate to digital and photographic building documentation and damage assessment and evaluation according to the 2012 European standard EN 16096 of 2012.

By using geographic information system (GIS) information about the degree of damage and restoration urgency is represented on a digital map. The information is accessible by mouse click. At the same time a catalogue including the art-historical description of the most important buildings will be created.


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