IGEF- CH | Iraqi-German Expert Forum on Cultural Heritage

IGEF- CH | Iraqi-German Expert Forum on Cultural Heritage

in Techniken der Konservierung von archäologischen und historischen Bauten

IGEF- CH | Iraqi-German Expert Forum on Cultural Heritage



The training measures within the “Stunde Null – A Future for the Time after the Crisis” project are intended for young archaeologists and architects of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage of Iraq. This measure is organised and implemented by the Baghdad Office of the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute in southern Iraq. Using concrete examples of archaeological and historical buildings and guided by an architect and a conservator with specific expertise – for example in mud brick technique – various images of damage are analysed and corresponding measures related to emergency conservation or later restoration developed. The training unit “Architectural Preservation” (Architekturkonservierung ) not only includes practical on-site training but also provides theoretical bases.




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