Online Course | QGIS for Archaeology and Heritage Management

Online Course | QGIS for Archaeology and Heritage Management

Online Course | QGIS for Archaeology and Heritage Management


Enrol in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) of i.DAI.tutorials and learn about „QGIS for Archaeology and Heritage Management“ in your own time and free of charge in English or Arabic.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a key technology for archaeologists and professionals from related fields. Open source GIS such as QGIS provide powerful plattforms for the mapping and processing of spatial information. This course provides readers with the theoretic background and practical skills to understand and process archaeological spatial data using QGIS.

Join the iDAI.tutorials Website

To participate create an account on the iDAI.tutorials Website. The courses are designed as autodidactic learning experiences and provide texts and videos. You can track your progress and start the course whenever and wherever you want. The website offers several other courses for cultural heritage experts and young professionals.

About the iDAI.tutorials

The platform iDAI.tutorials of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) offers online courses and resources for Cultural Heritage professionals. All courses are free of charge and available in English and Arabic. The courses aim at empowering individuals working in the field of archaeology, cultural heritage and museum management. In addition, the platform offers the first Arabic translations of international standards and guidelines on digitisation (such as OAIS, Dublin Core, etc).

Courses and resources are being continuously developed and added by the various initiatives of the project „Stunde Null/ Hour Zero“ with the support of the Archaeological Heritage Network.

The platform was initially developed in the framework of the Funds-in-Trust agreement “Capacity Building, Technical and Media Support” between UNESCO and the German Archaeological Institute.

Title image: Foto credit – Unsplash / Andrew Neil.



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