New Book | Measured Building Survey

New Book | Measured Building Survey

New Book | Measured Building Survey


After having been published in Arabic and German the book “Measured Building Survey” is now available in English online and in print.

Measured Building Survey

Authors: Tobias Busen, Miriam Knechtel, Clemens Knobling, Elke Nagel, Manfred Schuller, Birte Todt 


The precisely measured documentation of historical buildings by means of drawings – the building survey – serves several purposes: it is not only an important part of the scientific study of architecture, but also an essential basis for building measures in existing contexts. It is the only way to undertake well-founded research respectively detailed architectural planning, from structural improvement to conservation and restoration measures. In addition to a historical overview of building surveying as a method, this volume mainly offers practical assistance regarding the different methods for documenting historic buildings – starting from manual methods of measuring up to electronic and computer-aided utilities available today. The content is complemented by many illustrations and examples as well as an introduction to methods, that go beyond the mere graphic documentation and thus represent ways of conducting thorough building examinations. The book offers easy access to the topic of building surveying, both for students as well as for anyone dealing professionally with historic buildings 

Publisher: TUM.University Press 

Publisher address: München 

Pages: 108 

Year: 2022 

Other Issue:: 2 

Print-ISBN: 978-3-95884-038-6 

Price: 38 €

Language: en 

Notes: Englische Übersetzung: Christian W. Hess


Deutsche Ausgabe: DOI: 10.14459/2016md1353273 Print-ISBN: 978-3-95884-002-7
Arabische Ausgabe: DOI: 10.14459/2019md1507340 Print-ISBN: 978-3-95884-029-4




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