Online Course | Data Management

Online Course | Data Management

Online Course | Data Management 🗓

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The call for applications for the next english online courses (8.-12. May) “Data Management“, coordinated by the IT department of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is opened.

The online course on „Data Management” will take place between 8.-12. February in English language. This course is dedicated to young scholars and aims to enhance their understanding of different file formats and data sources, as well as how to handle them appropriately. The courses are free of charge. The application deadline is 2nd of May.

Through this course, we will discuss the general architecture of file and mass data storage, both on your own hardware and in the cloud. Effective methods for sorting, renaming, and identifying duplicate copies of files will be introduced and trained using real-world data examples. In addition, we will highlight the importance of creating coherent file archives, implementing backup strategies, and present different long-term data storage options.

Who can apply?

Participants are expected to have some basic knowledge of computer use and ideally should have already worked with cultural heritage digital data. While the course will concentrate on Microsoft Windows-based solutions, the general principles discussed will also apply to Mac and Linux operating systems. To fully participate in the course, a computer with administrator rights will be necessary.

Online courses for on cultural heritage in the MENA region

The new project “Online courses for the MENA region” starts as part of the programme “KulturGutRetter – An emergency mechanism for cultural heritage in crisis situations”, which is currently being developed by the DAI and its partners. The project aims at building capacities and an international network of local experts in the MENA region.

The course is coordinated by the IT Department of the German Archaeological Institute. During the courses the young professionals learn about basic techniques and applications regarding the digital documentation of cultural heritage.

To apply:

1) Fill out the application form

2) Send the following documents to

– your CV/ Resumé

– a copy of your degree/ university registration to

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