Online Courses 2021| Cultural Heritage Documentation with Smartphone Cameras

Online Courses 2021| Cultural Heritage Documentation with Smartphone Cameras

Online Courses 2021| Cultural Heritage Documentation with Smartphone Cameras 🗓

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The IT-Department in the German Archaeological Institute DAI announces a call for applications to participate in an online course in “Cultural Heritage Documentation with Smartphone cameras”. The course will take place from 29 March to 2 April 2021. It is aimed at young professionals from the MENA region and is free of charge.

The course „Cultural Heritage Documentation with Smartphone Cameras“ is the second of 12 online courses and will take place from 29 March to 2 April 2021. Smartphone integrated digital cameras offer an easy and qualitative way to document cultural heritage sites and archaeological excavations as well as damages on sites. However, it requires some knowledge and skills to produce good images and manage thousands of photos. During this 5-day training we will answer questions dealing with smartphone cameras, their usage and application in documenting cultural heritage, as well as the management of the images.

The focus groups of the online courses are early-career experts from the MENA region specialized in archeology, architecture, history and other related disciplines.

Date: March 29- April 2 2021

Location: Online (via Zoom) – a computer and a good internet connection are required

Application Deadline: March 19

What you bring

  • A smartphone with integrated camera and GPS (preferably Android smartphones, but iPhone will work as well). Please make sure that you are able to transfer images to your computer.
  • A computer with Windows 7 or 10, solid internet connection, 10 GB free disk-space, no major problems like virus-damage or super-slow speed.
  • Skills in: using the basic navigation in the file browser; saving files and finding them again
  • Good English skills to use the Windows command line
  • Some knowledge of GIS and of 3D-photogrammertry

What we offer:

  • A daily expense allowance
  • Certificate of attendance

Online courses for on cultural heritage in the MENA region

The new project “Online courses for the MENA region” starts as part of the programme “KulturGutRetter – An emergency mechanism for cultural heritage in crisis situations”, which is currently being developed by the DAI. The project aims at building capacities and an international network of local experts in the MENA region.

The courses of 2021 are coordinated by the IT Department of the German Archaeological Institute and will be held in 12 one-week online courses. During the courses the young professionals learn about basic techniques and applications regarding the digital documentation of cultural heritage.

Further courses of the online series will be announced timely before the start of the training.

To apply:

1) Fill out the application form

2) Send the following documents to

– your CV/ Resumé

– a copy of your degree/ university registration to

Title image/ flyer: Documenting cultural heritage with smart-phone camera |© Haida, Unsplash license.


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