Ground Check | Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage – Warming

Ground Check | Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage – Warming

Ground Check | Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage – Warming ๐Ÿ—“

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Global warming with its very different local effects also entails a wide range of threats to the cultural heritage of the past. In this discussion the panelists provide insights into how climatic fluctuations affected the equilibrium of human-environment systems in arctic and sub-arctic regions and how thawing permafrost threatens archaeological sites and the cultural heritage of descendant communities.

21st October 2020, 18:00-19:30 โ€“ Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage | Warming

Professor Martin Callanan (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Dr Anne Jensen (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Professor Henny Piezonka (Kiel University)
Dr Sabine Reinhold (German Archaeological Institute)

Moderated by Volkart Wildermuth

The online event takes place on Zoom.

Register here or follow the Facebook live stream of the DAI.

About Ground Check:

The conference โ€œGround Check โ€“ Cultural Heritage and Climate Changeโ€œ, which was postponed due to the Covid 19 situation, is now being carried out as a online event series. On six dates between September 23 and October 29, 2020, experts will speak on the subject of cultural heritage and climate change. The discussion topics will be presented by the speakers in a 3-5 minute keynote speech and then discussed with the other participants. The event series takes place on the Zoom online platform. To register please follow the link on the ArcHerNet conference Website. The event series is conducted by the German Archaeological Institute and the Archaeological Heritage Network. ArcHerNet is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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