Launching of Master Program „Architectural Conservation“ at GJU Amman

Launching of Master Program „Architectural Conservation“ at GJU Amman


Launching of Master Program „Architectural Conservation“ at GJU Amman

The Master Program „Architectural Conservation“ is a cooperation program organized by the Department of Historic Building Conservation and Research from the RWTH Aachen University and the Post-graduation Master program Cultural Heritage at the TU-Berlin in cooperation with the German Jordanian University.

The aim of this cooperation is to revive the Master Program „Architectural Conservation“, originally programmed by GJU by sponsoring 30 Jordanian and refugee students with a full scholarship. The German side is supporting the program with Visiting Professors experts in the field, while the main bulk of the teaching is provided by the GJU teaching staff and professors.

The Program is sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office as part of the project „Die Stunde Null – Eine Zukunft für die Zeit nach der Krise“ (Literally meaning Zero hour: a future after the crisis).

Moreover, the project is an initiative by the „Archaeological Heritage Network“ and under the directorship of the DAI „German Archaeological Institute“ in cooperation with the DAAD “ German Academic Exchange Service“.

We are looking forward for a productive and successful cooperation, especially for all the students.




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